Unconscious Mutterings

October 6, 2013 | Leave a Comment

Found at LunaNina.com

Unconscious Mutterings… I say … and you think … ?

  1. Latch :: Key
  2. Standard :: Oil
  3. 60 :: Miles an hour
  4. Maple :: Syrup
  5. Final :: Exam
  6. Bickering :: Neighbors
  7. Diner :: Greasy Spoon
  8. Nasty :: Pervert
  9. Ohhh! :: My!
  10. Leeches :: Suck

Well, that was a weird list. And now I’m thinking of nasty, squirming leeches.


In other news, I’ve got a sore throat and what feels like the beginning of a head cold. I used that as an excuse to drink some full-sugar soda pop tonight (which felt good at the time) but now my head is swimming and I am sure the scale isn’t going to like it. Tea would have been better, Ms. Chunky Butt.


I called Dad the other day and chatted for a bit. It sounds like he is starting to get settled in at Deb and Ray’s place pretty well. He’s got his own area of their huge house, including a kitchenette and bathroom, bedroom and living area – so it should be comfy once he locates everything he wants from his boxed up belongings.

I’m just so happy he is there. I know he’s safe and always has someone who loves him nearby. Before now, Dad, my sisters and I all lived in 4 different cities and it was a little nerve wracking to think of him all by himself since Mom passed away. Now not only does he live with my younger sister, my older sister is only 40 miles away from them, as well.

The subject of the winter holidays and travel didn’t come up during the phone call, but I’ll discuss it with him soon. I feel guilty for not wanting to travel, but I have to be realistic about my mobility issues and my new knees. (My biggest fear right now is taking a fall and messing them up.) I think I need more time to heal and get my balance before I do another 6 hour one-way car trip and possible trekking across icy sidewalks.

The guilt sure sucks, though. Like leeches.


The temps are really taking a nose-dive tonight. It’s 43F right now at 4 a.m. and the highs are only supposed to be in the 60’s for the next few days. I think our Indian Summer is officially over. It was beautiful while it lasted!

Sleep is starting to wash over me now. Time to hit the sheets.

More again soon,