Muttering Again + More

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Unconscious Mutterings, a weekly trip into free association, found HERE!

I say … and you think … ?

  1. Untraceable :: Clear
  2. Senator :: Ted Cruz
  3. Humongous :: Monster
  4. Drinks :: Cocktails
  5. Ringing :: Phone
  6. Overloaded :: Brain
  7. Annoyed :: Irritated
  8. Blondie :: and Dagwood
  9. Suits :: Mad Men
  10. Deadly :: Toxic

Did I just say Dagwood? Egads, I’m older than I thought. 😛


How much sleep is too much? Is there an amount that is way over the limit? Who decides this?

I am getting the best sleep of my life these days, but I wonder if it’s too much. First, let me say that my sleep has been erratic and hard to manage ever since I was a kid. I would sleep for a few hours, then get up for 12, then cat nap, then be all messed up. Day after day, year after year.

Then the past two years I got into a pattern of sleeping from 6 am until noon. Six hours, that’s it. No naps, just that block of time. My doctors rejoiced because it was at least a pattern that refreshed me and seemed stable. Agent J was thrilled because finally there was some regularity and I wouldn’t be up and down all night in bed.

Fast forward to this past spring, post knee surgery, post pain-pill withdrawal. My sleep was messed up again and I was desperate. I refused to take any prescription meds to help me sleep because I had such a horrible time coming off the pain meds.

I found this over-the-counter supplement called Alteril. It contains melatonin, tryptophan and some other natural herbs… so I thought I’d give it a try.

People, I am a sleeping machine! This stuff works. Totally refreshing sleep without grogginess or a hungover feeling. I take two tablets an hour before I want to sleep and when the time comes I drift off into a sweet, peaceful slumber.

But instead of sleeping my regular 6 hours, I’m going for 9 and sometimes 10 hours at a stretch. I’ve never slept this much, this soundly in my entire life. If I don’t take the supplements at all, my sleep goes wonky again and I feel like a hot mess until I get back to my Alteril sleep mode.

Maybe it’s not a problem. Maybe I’m just catching up? It’s not like I’m oversleeping or late for work or sloughing off in order stay in the sack. It just seems excessive, especially when I wake up and the sun is already getting low in the sky.

It freaks me out to think that soon, if I don’t change the pattern, I could be going to sleep in the dark and waking up in the dark. (Darned Iowa winters anyway…)

How long do you sleep each night or day? If you’re having troubles with your rest, give Alteril a try. I’d be interested to know if you turn into a deep-sleep, bed-head monkey like I did!

Sweet dreams when you get there,

Unconscious Mutterings

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Found at

Unconscious Mutterings… I say … and you think … ?

  1. Latch :: Key
  2. Standard :: Oil
  3. 60 :: Miles an hour
  4. Maple :: Syrup
  5. Final :: Exam
  6. Bickering :: Neighbors
  7. Diner :: Greasy Spoon
  8. Nasty :: Pervert
  9. Ohhh! :: My!
  10. Leeches :: Suck

Well, that was a weird list. And now I’m thinking of nasty, squirming leeches.


In other news, I’ve got a sore throat and what feels like the beginning of a head cold. I used that as an excuse to drink some full-sugar soda pop tonight (which felt good at the time) but now my head is swimming and I am sure the scale isn’t going to like it. Tea would have been better, Ms. Chunky Butt.


I called Dad the other day and chatted for a bit. It sounds like he is starting to get settled in at Deb and Ray’s place pretty well. He’s got his own area of their huge house, including a kitchenette and bathroom, bedroom and living area – so it should be comfy once he locates everything he wants from his boxed up belongings.

I’m just so happy he is there. I know he’s safe and always has someone who loves him nearby. Before now, Dad, my sisters and I all lived in 4 different cities and it was a little nerve wracking to think of him all by himself since Mom passed away. Now not only does he live with my younger sister, my older sister is only 40 miles away from them, as well.

The subject of the winter holidays and travel didn’t come up during the phone call, but I’ll discuss it with him soon. I feel guilty for not wanting to travel, but I have to be realistic about my mobility issues and my new knees. (My biggest fear right now is taking a fall and messing them up.) I think I need more time to heal and get my balance before I do another 6 hour one-way car trip and possible trekking across icy sidewalks.

The guilt sure sucks, though. Like leeches.


The temps are really taking a nose-dive tonight. It’s 43F right now at 4 a.m. and the highs are only supposed to be in the 60’s for the next few days. I think our Indian Summer is officially over. It was beautiful while it lasted!

Sleep is starting to wash over me now. Time to hit the sheets.

More again soon,

Catching Up

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A lot has happened since the last incarnation of this blog faded away around 2009 or so. Sometimes I wonder why I stopped writing back then – afterall, I did enjoy it – but I think I may have run out of things to talk about. (Imagine that!) I was also dealing with some health issues that I didn’t want to talk about either – and it just seemed disingenuous to gloss over things and talk about topical issues instead. So I just stopped writing altogether.

Here are some of the changes that have occurred since I was previously writing infinitepink musings. I list them here because they will probably be referred to in future writings.

– My minor battle with uterine cancer cells is going in my favor as I am currently experiencing remission.

– My dear mother, Doris, lost her long battle with cancer and passed away in 2011.

– My younger sister, Deb, and her husband, Ray, moved back to Iowa from Colorado in 2012. I’m so glad they live closer again!

– I had bilateral knee replacement surgery in 2012. Ouch. Big ouch. I’m still getting used to the new knees.

– We’ve had additions to our extended family (two great nieces and one great nephew) and we look forward to getting news about them frequently.

– My Dad has sold his house and moved in with Deb and Ray. Summer, 2013.

– My long time shrink, Dr. K., has informed me that he’ll be retiring in January 2015. That means I’ve only got a little over a year to get sane, you guys!

There have been other things, too, such as our best neighbor, Betty, moving away to a really nice retirement villa. We really miss having her near. Also, the neighbor known as “Bumbling Bill” (a fan favorite in the previous blog) has passed away; his wife and her clan of miscreants still live in the house, though, so expect to hear about them from time to time.

I think that’s a good start on catching up. Be sure to check out the About Me and The Cast pages if you’d like a bit more of a refresher course.

More again soon. 😉