Well, well, well.

Hello again.

Welcome to the 4th incarnation of my venture into the blogging world. For some reason, every so often I get the urge to write, so I start up a new blog and go for it. The longest stretch I’ve done it was 11 years; the shortest was about a month.

I feel like this time is going to be a lengthy stretch again.

Some of the things I am interested in sharing this time around are photographs, memes, music, recipes, and personal stories, of course. I’m really getting excited about it and I hope you come back and check out my site on a regular basis. You are always welcome here and I’d love to hear from you in the comment sections anytime!

I need to get back to building and tweaking the site now. More again soon.


Just so you know…

This site has no morally redeeming value or positive societal statement.

There is no message, hidden or otherwise.

It possesses no self-conscious imagery or commentary on gender identity.

I won’t be held responsible for not providing a minimum daily requirement of politically correct anything or postmodern art content.

Just play with the pretty things. Point and click, point and click. See what happens.

Enjoy the ride because there is no destination.