Unconscious Mutterings

Unconscious Mutterings is a simple game of free-association. Want to play, too? Go here for the details!

Here we go. The game master says… and I think… ?

  1. Hack :: Chop
  2. Unimpressed :: Meh…
  3. Garden :: Claude Monet
  4. Saliva :: Drool
  5. Ache :: Head
  6. Elect :: Trump
  7. Format :: Outline
  8. Temper :: Tantrum
  9. Snail :: Mail
  10. Holidays :: FUN!

Ahhh… it was nice to have Claude Monet spring to mind!

On these gray and cold winter days, I am utterly grateful for the art of the Impressionist master. Studying one of his works can instantly transport me to the warm, breezy days of summer.

Meadow With Poplars

“For me, a landscape does not exist in its own right, since its appearance changes at every moment; but the surrounding atmosphere brings it to life – the light and the air which vary continually. For me, it is only the surrounding atmosphere which gives subjects their true value.” — Claude Monet

I hope you enjoyed this entry — I really had fun probing my mind with the game!

More again soon, my friends…