Dancing in Heaven

George & Barbara Bush

I’ve been watching the coverage of the life and death of George H. W. Bush and it’s been very interesting. But I must say, of all that is being discussed and all that is being shown of his life, this simple image that has been circulating the web is my favorite. It portrays what matters most.

No matter the heights a person rises to on this earthly realm, death equalizes us all. Suddenly we are transformed, now fully a spirit, and all we really want is to experience the happiness, joy, and completeness of going Home — of being reunited with our loved ones.

We want to experience the certainty of knowing that all Love returns to Love. And know, in fact, that Love is all there is.

I believe that is what our former President is experiencing now and it makes me smile.

Dance eternally among the stars, George and Barbara.

XoxoOXOXOx ~