Hey, I’ve Been Busy!

Wow, almost a week has gone by since my last post. Eeeps! I can explain. You see, first there was Thanksgiving… followed by a turkey coma. Then Black Friday, Small Business Saturday and Cyber Monday. (Shop, shop, shop!)

Then Tuesday I went back for a check up with Dr. Feelgood — my new psychiatrist — and got my meds tweaked yet again. This guy is really GOOD. I am feeling better mentally than I have in years. More clarity of thought, more energy, and better sleep. All made possible through the miracles of modern medicine.

Wednesday I drove down to the Quad Cities for my first official appointment with the medical staff in the weight loss surgery process. It went very well. First I spoke with the financial advisor, then met with the nurse for an hour and a half to go over my health history. She was very thorough and I appreciate that.

Now I wait to speak with the surgeon to decide which method would be best for me: either the gastric sleeve or the Roux-En-Y surgery. I am going to push hard for the sleeve.

While I am waiting for an appointment to visit with the surgeon, I need to contact my primary care physician to schedule a mammogram and the much-dreaded colonoscopy. I doubt that I will be able to get those procedures done before the end of the year, as everyone else in Dubuque is trying to get medical stuff done by then for insurance purposes, too.

So with all of this stuff going on I let the blogging slide for a bit, but that’s okay. I’m already working on tomorrow’s entry for the weekly TGIF Tunes — I hope you’ll stop in again for that!

More again soon.



Side Effects

I can’t sleep longer than four hours at a stretch right now and this has been going on for about 10 days. I know exactly what the culprit is: I’m currently going through an anti-depressant medication change.

That’s always a guaranteed fuck-me-up for at least a month.

However, I’m not going to complain too loudly, because I am now completely off a medication that was slowing down my metabolism and making me groggy. And I am now on a new med that is making me alert, less depressed and is helping to control any overeating impulses.

I’ve also effortlessly lost 8 pounds in the past 3 weeks. Color me delighted!

I think this new doctor I’m seeing for my meds — let’s call him Dr. Feelgood — may be on the right track. He’s a lot younger than my previous doctor (who retired) and seems to have a knack for zeroing in on a problem and knowing exactly what to do. I feel like I’m in good hands.

But I’ve got to get some decent sleep, you know? Hopefully things will level out soon.

Yawningly yours… XoxoXOxOXO


The First Step

So I did something interesting yesterday afternoon. I went to an introductory class about bariatric weight loss surgeries.

I’ve been considering it for a couple of years now and I’d like to have the vertical sleeve gastrectomy surgery. That is the one where the majority of your stomach is removed and you are left with a tube-like looking stomach.

This works for two reasons. First, you can only eat small amounts and you get full quickly. Second, the part of the stomach that is permanently removed is the part that produces hormones that cause you to feel hungry. All of that results in a fairly rapid weight loss. (Diligent patients will lose about 70% of their excess weight the first year.)

I have to say, insurance companies sure don’t make it easy to get approved for the procedure. Also, the surgeons and hospital cover every possible base, too. On average, you have to jump through hoops for three to six months before you are approved. Those hoops include monthly visits with a nutritionist, a psych evaluation, physical therapy sessions, and sometimes 6 months of supervised dieting. Women also have to have a current mammogram (within one year) and if you are over 50, you need to have a colonoscopy.

Hearing all of that didn’t discourage me. I really want to get this done. I’m tired of losing weight only to regain it again. And I’ve got so much that I still want to do in my life but this extra weight is really slowing me down.

The next step is to meet with a member of the bariatric nursing team for an initial physical exam and a discussion of what I want to do. That appointment is on November 28th.

I’ll probably talk about this every once in a while when something comes to mind or when I am in the process of taking another step in the journey. I’ll be sure to keep you updated.

I wish you health and happiness. Please wish it for me, too!