To those who tend to get their panties in a twist quite easily:

This website was created as a place for me to draw together all aspects of my life and personality into an enjoyable and interesting forum. I update things on a regular basis and include issues that are going on in my life at the current moment. Sometimes my language can be sharp, so be forewarned. I am also very open with my emotions and opinions on life as I understand it to be. Therefore, if something delights me, you’ll know it. If you are part of my life and I love you, you’ll read about it in my diary as well as be told when we are together. If I think you are an idiot-dickhead-bitch-spineless wuss-lameass-loser, guess what? It’s in here, too. Trust me, I would definitely say it to your face if we were in the same room.

My point is, expect anything here and accept what you like. Feel free to respond if you choose. However, don’t peruse my pages if you can’t handle reality. Crybabies will not be catered to.