He’s Got It Coming

Hello and welcome to Celebrity Bitch Slap! We’ve got a real winner this week, kids.

The notorious celebrity hothead, Alec Baldwin, got his moronic self in trouble again.

According to Page Six, he was waiting for a parking place in downtown Manhattan when some guy swooped in and stole the spot. As the guy was feeding the meter, ol’ Alec went berserk and punched him in the face so hard that he ended up in the hospital.

Baldwin went to jail for the afternoon and now he’s got a court date for the charges of misdemeanor assault and harassment.

What the fuck is this guy’s problem anyway? Who does he think he is? You’d think with all the money he makes he would park in a fucking garage!

Apparently, he could get up to a year in jail — but we know that will never happen. He’ll weasel his way out of it somehow. Maybe have to go through anger management classes *again*. (That’s worked so well in the past, right?)

So, come here, Alec… I’ve got something for you…

That’s for being a creep, a bully, a bad actor, a pompous ass, and an entitled jerk. I could go on, but I am pretty sure that deep down in that black heart of yours, you know exactly what you are.

Thank you for playing Celebrity Bitch Slap!, Alec. You are now dismissed.



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