TGIF Tunes!

Well, here we are again — it’s time for TGIF Tunes! You know how the game is played: I ask myself a question and then I answer it by posting several of my favorite songs. If you click on a song title it will play for you. You are always welcome to play along in the comments section and leave some titles of *your* favorite songs!

This week’s question is a little different. Here we go:

Name a song that reminds you of a person or time you’d rather forget about.

1. Bob Dylan — If You See Her Say Hello

2. Edison Lighthouse — Love Grows (Where My Rosemary Goes)

3. Melissa Etheridge — Come To My Window

4. Buddy Holly — True Love Ways

5. Brooks & Dunn — My Maria

Don’t get me wrong now. I *love* all of these songs. But someone or something at the time makes them bittersweet to me. I bet you have a few like these lurking around in the soundtrack to your life, too. Feel free to share! It’s rather therapeutic…



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